Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software - Autumn 2010 Update

SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software usability improvements

The SoftMouse Development Team has released a number of new features and usability improvements to the SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software application over the past several months.

The new features and improvements stemmed from your suggestions and feedback, which allowed us to enhance the usability of SoftMouseDB based on your needs and requirements.

As you are aware, we are continuously trying to find new ways to improve the usability of SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software application and we are grateful for your continued feedback.

That said, there are more beneficial new releases and usability improvements planned for this Autumn and Winter!

You can keep up to date on new releases via the Iseehear Support Desk blog posts  and the Iseehear Support Desk Twitter account @IseehearSupport.

We are interested in and welcome of any feedback that you may have regarding the continued enhancement of SoftMouseDB.

Thank you for your support!

SoftMouseDB Development Team
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